Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Observation Journal (2009-2010)
(Woodcut collections)

These are printmaking series from my latest book project. I've put these printmaking after every chapters.

I'll Be waiting (2009)
Midnight Meeting (2009)
Oh Crab!! (2010)
Lovely day to stay at home (2010)
Celebrate the death (2009)

Winter (2007)
Mixed Technique
Isolation is such a sweet tune (2007)
Mixed Technique
Dinner with the Bears (2007)
Mixed Technique
Summer storm (2006)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Black Out (2006)
Dry Point

Family Portrait (2006)
Mixed Technique

This is one of my experimental work with my Scuba Diver character mixing with the idea of the traditional family portrait in a comical style.

The combination of 3 techniques is used in this work. First I painted the the picture with watercolor in the brown monochrome style, then layered other colors using the lithography technique, and finally printed the outline using the wood cut technique.
Espana te amore (2006)
Mixed Technique
Botti (2006)

One of my favorite etching collections, inspired from Chris Botti performance at Heineken Jazz Festival on the same year.